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Can you feel the change?

Never in all my pondering would I ever have imagined the world coming to a standstill in solidarity for healing; like that which is happening right at this very moment. With the world in its current state of rest; our species stands with bated breath, and our planet exhales! The supernatural waters of change ebb and flow, while the world descends into a collective slowing. Right now a transformation is rippling across the global pond, rapidly spreading an awakening. Whether or not we like it; we are experiencing a revolution in this lifetime.

Outside the door of our little piece of heaven, the world has slowed to a saunter. People are balancing their time in such a relaxed manner; it almost feels as though they have known how to do this all along.

Amid the chaos, there is a change stirring within families, social circles and businesses alike. Our attention has shifted away from the world outside and is now focused on the life inside. The responses to the needs of those around us distinctly resemble true giving. Kindness is spreading everywhere; from everyone, through every channel. No longer distracted by “competing with the Jones'”, we are noticing those who truly deserve our attention. The televisions no longer report the news; let’s be honest, the news is not all that uplifting on the best of days! Conversations sporadically erupt as we describe the day to one another. Chattering is heard echoing throughout the home, and it is beautiful! Deep connections continue to build, while we reconnect and re-evaluate our actual needs and desires. We are really living, not just existing, actually living!

Waves of people have let go of all that has weighed heavily on them and are healing. Peace and forgiveness blankets decades, possibly centuries of hurt and pain. Awareness has sparked in ways that we have never seen before. The world and all its intricacies are taking a moment to recuperate, spanning the depths of the oceans and reaching the extraordinary heights of our skies. The sky is blue again, birds, bees and butterflies are flying around. The smell of rain fills the air, while clouds gather for kilometres and warm themselves as the sun shines brightly. Animals are coming out of hiding, while flowers are blooming, and fields are growing, all the while being appreciated by the ones excitedly venturing outside. The world’s people are discovering the beauty they have been seeking while wandering around within their elective pieces of heaven. Life is returning to our planet and our homes.

Outdoor excursions are scarce! When venturing outside; an exciting feeling rushes in, the air smells fresher, the world is more colourful and the path is brilliantly clear. There is a romance that fills you when you live in a world where there is no hurry. The sound of laughter is heard over the fences as children play and parents get caught in wild adventures. Music plays in the distance, filling the air, and neighbours greet with a smile and a wave. Life has certainly changed for the better. We as a species are finally connecting with ourselves, and with each other. Dinner tables are used for more than a place to sit and consume meals. They are now a place where we play games, work is completed, and we create art.

Millions of bookshelves are elated as their dusty occupants are once again explored. Countless books captivate readers while engulfing them in wild adventures. Board games, puzzles and cards are readied for action, as we remove them from their crisp boxes; set up and their pieces move! Arts, crafts and projects are suddenly seen to because we finally have time. The laundry stands a day longer, and the dust bunnies visit for just a few more hours, and we indulge ourselves with time well spent.

There is no urgency to appear at an event or rummage through the shelves of a retail store. No traffic or overfilled buses, no queues or afternoon meetings, all you have is unlimited access to pliable time. Families have the time to interact, partake, and enjoy the blessing of being together; through what is a life-altering event. Individuals have time to reflect, learn and grow. Discoveries are continuously made, about ourselves, our families, friends and colleagues on a global scale.

Daily messages are sent via social media and chat apps. Messages to check-in on loved ones, share inspiration, laugh and say hello. Video calls for family meetings, chats with the girls, meet the baby or help me are connecting across all networks. Billions of people are connecting without being in the same room. The result, love, is blanketing the earth.

Businesses meetings and work tasks are performed globally; from bedrooms, makeshift offices, sofas and home offices. Children, students, and educators are using technology to ensure educational continuity. Small businesses are seen and frequented because we want them to endure. Online shopping has boomed, and people are off the shopping streets. Learning will never be the same, and neither will the world of business.

The advantage of less time spent travelling to and from the activities we fill our days with leads to an increase in the opportunity of coffee chats and stolen hugs.

We may well be experiencing this incredible event in separate places, but the shift is unmistakable. Our focus has changed, and the entire experience is happening in real-time.
Our world’s heart is beating excitedly as it celebrates! Can you hear it? Can you feel it?

Art: Lesonne Forbes (Botha) my dear friend who is so talented and brilliant at taking my words and turning them into art.]-h-R&eid=ARDAlChB7NYlB9fhvnOyttPjgY__gsW1r3eoSni-FR7gs10V5WFfxdiejA5_ImxKFR20fmuoEWqkysY2

Theme song: Heal the world – Michael Jackson,
This song has played in my head for days. I absolutely love it!

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