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Can you feel the change?

Never in all my pondering would I ever have imagined the world coming to a standstill in solidarity for healing; like that which is happening right at this very moment. With the world in its current state of rest; our species stands with bated breath, and our planet exhales! The supernatural waters of change ebbContinue reading “Can you feel the change?”

The battle I have to fight every day.

I have searched every bottle of booze, every shot glass, every glass of wine, every bag of weed, every gram of cocaine and many other substances in search of joy, answers, moments of happiness and love, I have to be honest, barring for a short reprieve I have yet to say that any of theseContinue reading “The battle I have to fight every day.”

The every day activist!

I never truly understood the statement “Charity begins at home” until I became an adult. Now, I know my post is going in a different direction, however, I do believe charity and being an activist are one in the same. Correct me if I’m wrong (I am sure someone has an opinion on this matter,Continue reading “The every day activist!”