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The Apple Tree

Like the core of an apple, you discarded after you had consumed what you needed and dropped along the road while you continued your journey, she was left bare and exposed in the burning sun. Unbeknownst to you, an animal came by and picked her up. Again she was consumed, leaving nothing but one tiny seed intact, this animal discarded her too.

In a fortuitous turn of events, she was deposited on the ground of an open field where flowers grew in abundance and a small creek flowed freely. The wind and the rain came pushing her deeper underground. In the darkness she lay quietly for a season, resting and waiting for the spring. On the first day of spring, she broke out of her husk and roots took hold of the surrounding ground. Soon after the dawn of spring, a tiny trunk appeared, and she was growing with each passing day.

Many seasons passed, each one strengthening this beautiful tree. Birds and creatures came to make their homes in her branches. Her blossoms were feeding the bees and the butterflies. She was a nourisher and a shelter to all that needed it. As she reached up higher and spread her branches wide, she continued to grow greater and sturdier. Her roots pushed deeper into the ground, her bark grew thicker while her branches pushed out and expanded the cool shade needed by the ones who sat beneath her and rested.

In the years to come, she began bearing fruit. This fruit was sweet and juicy, it fed all who wondered passed her in the field of flowers, she even fed the ground upon which passersby meandered. Through her growth, she multiplied, each new seed planted successfully across the open field while creating a great orchard.

The apple you took, consumed and discarded would nourish you for a short while, but it was destined for her to be carried from the side of the road and left in a field where she could grow. She grew into something majestic. For you see she did not perish that day, she was born to nourish, to shelter and to multiply.

Today as she stands beautiful and tall, she looks upon the orchard that grew from her, from her last tiny piece and she knows from her small beginning, she could reach out and find the light. She continues to generously, gracefully and abundantly share all she has with anyone who wanders into that once open field, this is what she was born for.

Theme Song: Alicia Keys – Superwoman

Picture Credit: Apple Tree with Red Fruit – Paul Ranson

Published by BerniceNicholson

After years of being told I should share my words with the world, I have decided that the best way for me to overcome me fear of being truly seen, it's time to throw myself out there, one blog post at a time!!!

One thought on “The Apple Tree

  1. Hi Readers, I apologize for the emailed version of the blog, it seems I jumped the gun and forgot to Edit myself… I was so excited to get this piece out there that I forgot my process… Please read directly in the blog for the edited version.

    NOTE TO SELF: Activate Editor in your brain before publishing


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