The Apple Tree

Like the core of an apple, you discarded after you had consumed what you needed and dropped along the road while you continued your journey, she was left bare and exposed in the burning sun. Unbeknownst to you, an animal came by and picked her up. Again she was consumed, leaving nothing but one tiny … Continue reading The Apple Tree

Finding the words…

Today is one of those days where I have a million thoughts and words running through my head and none of them seem to be motivated to run through my fingers and onto paper. I desperately want to find order in it all and here I sit, lost in thoughts wondering how I will bring … Continue reading Finding the words…

Be kind to yourself, the daily practice we somehow struggle with!

As I sit here inhaling a bag of Doritos Roulette chips or is it crisps? I never know, anyway, the song of the day is Wild World by Cat Stevens (it has played in my head and on the stereo at least 100 times today) and wearing my fat pants, I have been intentionally procrastinating … Continue reading Be kind to yourself, the daily practice we somehow struggle with!

Uncouth to say the least!

So, today I decided to take the plunge and finally start a this blog. Let me begin by explaining how frustrating this whole process was. I almost (very almost) threw in the towel and ran. Way back when the grass was green, navigating around a blog, website format or even just something as simple as … Continue reading Uncouth to say the least!