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July 8th, 2016…. I wrote and posted this on Facebook, this post encouraged me to share more of my writing and embrace my inner wordsmith. I have not edited it or “fixed it” in any way because I believe we should treasure where we began and continue to grow without continually criticizing ourselves for ourContinue reading “Remember…”

The gift of Compassion!

Compassion: The application of love to those around you without judgement, expectation or a complete understanding of those you encounter. It is empathy without the in-depth knowledge of their experiences before they crossed your path. It is love encapsulated in absolute forgiveness even when you are not the offender. It is the deepest act ofContinue reading “The gift of Compassion!”

Finding the words…

Today is one of those days where I have a million thoughts and words running through my head and none of them seem to be motivated to run through my fingers and onto paper. I desperately want to find order in it all and here I sit, lost in thoughts wondering how I will bringContinue reading “Finding the words…”