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The Mountain.

She made it to the edge of the highest place this mountain had to offer.
She reflected on every gruelling step necessary to climb the mountain that had called her name so relentlessly.

At first, the magnitude of the view brought her to tears! Her heart broke at the thought of what had driven her to keep going. She remembered every moment, every wound, and every ounce of love that had led her to this place. Tears ran endlessly as her joy, love, sorrow and pain flowed over the edge and into the vast ocean below her.
“Stand up” a voice whispered in her ear, but she ignored it and continued to weep. Again the voice came, this time louder than before, “Stand up!”. Slowly she rose to her feet, her stance solidifying as she stood taller, and she stood stronger.

There in that place, with all that lay behind her and all that lay ahead, she screamed out, “You are not my first mountain, and you will not be my last!”. Her words travelled upon the winds, echoing as they rose and fell over the land and sea. And finally, she was free!

While she stood atop her daunting mountain, the mountain she called “Fear”. She remembered how this mountain had overshadowed her all her life. How it had stood blocking her path, and how it had crushed her with repeated violent avalanches. This mountain that everyone swore she could not climb, she now stands at the highest peak and knows two things for sure, that fear presents as a mountain, and she is an experienced mountaineer!

Photo Credit: MM Kruger, on the mountains edge.

Theme song: Francesca Battistelli – Free To Be Me

Published by BerniceNicholson

After years of being told I should share my words with the world, I have decided that the best way for me to overcome me fear of being truly seen, it's time to throw myself out there, one blog post at a time!!!

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