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The power of the spoken word

I woke up this morning filled with millions of emotions trying to find their own words in all the sentences running through my mind. I am overwhelmed by memories, research, reflections of yesterday and a combination of concerns and hopefulness for tomorrow. So much so that I have sat here in front of my laptop pouring out words from my soul and not one of them seem to make any sense when written. I am feeling joy and love and at the same time, I am deeply saddened when I research for writing projects that cover what is going on in the world outside my door.

There are two sides to this one, a side of me that yearns to spread encouragement and love to everyone that I can reach and everyone that comes from the reach of others. And then the other side that is crying because the world is so overwhelmed by pain. I can’t help wanting to fall into a screaming rage from all of this.

Truthfully, I have been accused of feeling too much and for the longest time I truly believed these words, but as I have grown, I have found that my feelings are my superpower and even though there are times this superpower is a heavy burden to bear, it is a blessing to feel so much about so many things and so many people.

With each key struck, my thoughts begin to find their place in the words that are desperately scrambling to work their way from my heart into my mind and out through my fingers. I find myself sobbing as the emotions finally find release. I have so many pieces that need writing, but this one is pushing so hard to come out, I have to give way and indulge this need to write exactly what I am feeling.

I have been keeping an eye on the words being thrown around in the world. Some are beautiful and encouraging, others are uplifting and pure, but these are outweighed by words being spoken with so much harshness that I cannot help but wonder if the positive messages are being blocked out by the overwhelming influx of negativity being spewed out into the world.

Understandably we need to know what is going on in the world and sadly at this moment, the world is consistently flooded by news highlighting devastation, destruction, war and loss. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not live in a candy floss cushioned world where everything is soft, plush and sweet. I read the news, and I see the shock adverts posted to bring awareness to campaigns. I also see people throwing hate speech around like it is confetti and this is really hurting my soul. I know that people have the right to spread the news, to bring awareness and to share their own opinions. But in a world that lacks upliftment because we are inundated by so much doom and gloom, I have to wonder if we are causing the vast majority of damage because we do not check our personalities at the door.

In the same way, our words are causing hurt and pain. I truly believe with all my heart that we have such positive power in our words. I was taught that our thoughts become our spoken words and our spoken words become the deeds we action daily in the world. This is such a deep truth that was instilled in me that I have to believe it is real. People who live positive lives, applying gratitude and upliftment to their own lives and the lives of those they encounter are relentlessly bringing new life to all that they touch.

Positive and uplifting spoken words that manifest into growth and change are proven throughout the world and history. Countries that report good news as the headline have peaceful communities. Even though they are not untouched by the hardness of the world and life, they are optimistic, and they are able to motivate each other to be better citizens. Countries that were once war-torn and struggling become thriving nation’s leading others through their struggles.  Children who have people around them that are persistently showering them with affection, understanding, positive discipline and encouragement thrive and continually grow. Broken-hearted people who have even just one person who applies compassion to them can heal and suddenly begin to open up and rediscover their true nature and joy. People who spread the good news, find that people are drawn to them, because people want to feel good, find success and share that with others.

When we speak about prosperity, even the smallest breakthroughs become great achievements. Telling someone they are appreciated can change the way they see themselves. Kind words can take a broken heart and help it heal. Saying something as simple as please and thank you screams appreciation. Saying “you are acknowledged and seen” really impacts people. Kindness is a form of respect, the upliftment found in positive messages are an extension of compassion and it is at the core of our being. We are hard-wired with this ability and it is time we looked at how we are spreading our message. Because the message we carry has the potential to build a new and prosperous world.

Yes, I can hear you wondering how we are supposed to be kind when the world is so cruel? But that is just it, we need this kindness. I also hear you question me on how we can be positive when we need to correct so many wrongs?

In my walk as human, I have been led out of terrible situations not by brutal force, but through constructive and positive redirection. We don’t have to be cruel to be kind. We don’t have to curse in order to shock people into the realization that the path they are on is leading them straight to the edge of a cliff and beyond. There are ways for us to identify what is wrong and then positively guide each other through it. We don’t have to brutalize the world to open the eyes of its citizens. Change is needed, I don’t disagree, but I think with all that we have witnessed through the “destructive word” we know with absolute surety, this is not working. It is time we tried something so revolutionary, we may even shock ourselves with the impact our words have and change the works of our hands.

There is a cry of brokenness bellowing across the world and is being heard. And in contrast, there people reaching out and wanting to do more with who they are. There are enough good, positive people to spread the word, to encourage, to build, to give and to open themselves up. Goodness spreads far faster than evil does, we just have to speak goodness into the world, into our lives, into the ones we cross paths with and care about. It starts with you.

We are born creators, encourages and leaders, each in our way. It doesn’t matter if your voice is small and comes out as a whisper or loud and presents as a roar.  Speak, be heard and allow your goodness to leak out of your heart.

Photo credit: Lesonne Botha – She created this image after reading this piece and I am moved by her work. She is a master in her field.

Theme song: Rachel Platten – Fight Song

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