The romance of it all.

Imagine waking up one day, and everything you ever asked for was right there next to you. Everything your heart yearned for is holding your hand as you walked along a path leading to no where in particular. The world disappearing as trees encircle you and this person, this other part of you. This person you have spent so many years with, and they are just strolling along beside you. All the while you are rendered breathless as you attempt to take it all in.

You have hustled to survive, you have worked hard at finding out who and what you are, you have planned a future and fought every step of the way. And then you took the time to lay on either side of the couch, facing each other, reading books while the world was cold outside and the sun is shining on your skin, your legs intertwined and books lead you into different worlds, but you were together, in silence. Peacefully enjoying a moment that is more valuable than anything you could of imagined.

You have stared into each others eyes while you danced at a celebration that brought you together with loved ones. You have built homes and then changed them all together. You have broken down the walls around each others hearts as you harnessed the love you find in your faith and allowed that love to flow into each other. You have unlocked boxes and ventured through unpacking deep secrets, you have even taken part in dealing with every part of those secrets. You have shared the load of all the weight carried between the two of you. You have laid the past to rest and you have built a foundation out of so many lessons.

You have set your “romance” aside because you choose to have a family. You have taken shifts because the days are filled with so many demands. You have thrown yourselves into caring for the home you have built, you are carrying the responsibilities of real life together, effectively attending to everything that is at hand. You have been the one taking care of everyone while they are sick and you have been taken care of when you are ill. You have learnt how to be mindful of each other, you speak to one another about everything that feels heavy and rested in all that is light. You have celebrated love and joy. You have wiped tears from their cheeks as losses are mourned.

You have traveled and experienced so much together, you have given each other the freedom to learn and grow and you have been there to comfort and encourage each other when one of you has fallen to weakness. You have seen more about this person than most take the time to get a grip on. And you have loved each other even on the worst of days. You sing because you have a travel partner that isn’t scared to stand up to you and for you.

When the day ends and you curl up in each others arms every night, after days spent being grown up. Making hard choices and striving for a life that seemed like a dream when you were a child. You realize, the two of you have done it together and in that moment, no candle lit dinner in a fancy restaurant, or expensive holiday or fancy house is even remotely close to the romance of it all. The Romance found in stolen kisses, impromptu walks in the park, morning coffees, grocery runs and snuggles on the couch. And there you whisper good night to the person who chose to love you even though you had to figure out what that all meant.

Photo taken on a romantic walk with my love

Theme Song: Sweet Pea by Amos Lee

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After years of being told I should share my words with the world, I have decided that the best way for me to overcome me fear of being truly seen, it's time to throw myself out there, one blog post at a time!!!

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