Be kind to yourself, the daily practice we somehow struggle with!

As I sit here inhaling a bag of Doritos Roulette chips or is it crisps? I never know, anyway, the song of the day is Wild World by Cat Stevens (it has played in my head and on the stereo at least 100 times today) and wearing my fat pants, I have been intentionally procrastinating as I try to take this piece and find its order. I feel both empowered and hypocritical, why, well I’m eating a party size bag of chips and I literally did everything else except write the piece that woke me up this morning. I have done yoga, swept the stairs with a small hand brush, taken more breaks than steps, everything except that which needs to be said right here. Yes, I am exactly this way, and that is perfectly okay!

Here’s the thing with the whole “self kindness” thing, you have no choice but to accept that there are days that you are 100% on point and there are days where nothing you do will feel like it matters. It’s a balance thing. And if you don’t accept this about the process of self kindness, you will struggle to figure it all out.

We are all made up of so many facets, parts of us are driven by perfection, other parts are creative and carefree, others are master chefs, perfect wives (husbands) other parts of ourselves want to Netflix binge and order take away’s. We take ourselves far to seriously and yet all we want to do is dance in the rain while the thunder clouds beat at the drum. The key to self kindness comes with total acceptance of who we are (every part of who we are, not just the “perfect” parts). Yes, society calls for all this decorum and functionality, and yeah, of course we want to meet this part of the demand, but seriously, why would you want to keep up the facade if all you truly want to do is explode in joy and song? Why does it matter to you what other people think and want?

I know, it is a very hard habit to break, we believe our value is measured by how organised our home is, how well behaved our children are, how well groomed we are, what we wear, what we eat, how we exercise, what work we do, who we socialize with…. Where is the fun in all of this? Where is the self love that we need so that we can love those around us? Why are we so accepting of the needs of others and entertaining their desires if we do not allow ourselves the same pleasure? And why do we care that others see us? Of course they see us, some may celebrate along with us, most will stand there, jaws open (please bring them a wheelbarrow so we can help them move along) as they watch us in utter disgust and disbelief of our actions, words and moments of free-ness.

Give yourself a moment to breath, take account of what is really important and then decide how you are going to love yourself TODAY, tomorrow is another day, another love to be applied, another method to be used, today I dare you to love yourself exactly as you are. Never rob yourself of love because you are so busy loving everyone else and meeting their expectations. Celebrate the small achievements today, and make it a habit, for every kind word or gesture you offer the people around you, offer it to yourself as well, because if you don’t, you will never measure up to your own self image.

Photo Credit: Model is Rei, our beautiful StormCloud Kitty, laying in comfort!

Theme song: Wild World – Cat Stevens

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After years of being told I should share my words with the world, I have decided that the best way for me to overcome me fear of being truly seen, it's time to throw myself out there, one blog post at a time!!!

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